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About Us

The purpose this journal serves is to provide a compilation of scholastic works pertaining to legal studies and arbitration with a recognised ISBN registered in the United Kingdom [ISBN 978-1-5272-8536-1].
This journal may be anticipated to encompass wide repertoire and compilation of inputs ranging from various nuanced intricacies of the legal discipline expounded upon, to exploring the nature and functioning of the arbitral institutions
This journal may be exercised as an instrument of assistance to legal studies or just to casually acquire information about the arcane intricacies of the legal discipline.

Reviewing the Laws


“Knowledge generates excellence”

Our chief mission, and objective is to equip the acolytes of the legal profession, or those who have encountered the domain serendipitously, or as a consequence of acquired taste, with latest, objectively verified, authentic information and articles pertaining to the legal studies and arbitration. This is an attempt to advance the objective of proliferating and disseminating cognizance of the relevant developments and also including, but not limited, to the assurance of a reliable forum of assistance to the pupils of the legal discipline for their preparation and reference. We also lay resolutely intent on promoting interest in the fascinating spheres of the legal discipline.

Business Meeting


  1. We are determined to establish a forum for contribution of legalistic articles and contributions pertaining to legal studies and arbitration with the intent of fortifying our commitment to legal studies, and advancing our embracement of international perspective;

  2. We also intend to encourage both applied and academic innovation in the arbitration and legal studies domain by instituting opportunities for pertinent presentations and publications;

  3. Further, we endorse and foster immersion and alacrity in exploration of the alluring dimensions of arbitration and legal studies, and advocate for novel initiatives in the germane realms.

Law Books
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