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Call for Associate Editors

This is written in respect of the call for applications for the position of Associate Editor, for the International Journal for Legal Studies and Arbitration (IJLSA) journal. We implore your consideration of this potentially enriching opportunity. To fortify our stance, we have enumerated the relevant instructions and guiding principles and have adumbrated the roles and responsibilities for this post. We request you to carefully peruse the same.



Duties and Responsibilities:


The position of associate editor will entail the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. You shall be required to ensure authenticity of publication and ensure that the contributions are devoid of any plagiarism;

  2. You shall be required to participate in all editorial meetings, conferences and convocations as and when instructed

  3. You shall be required to be duteous in maintaining and generating reports appraising the performance and progress of the article;

  4. You shall also be required to endure onerous work circumstances, which entails prosecution of assigned tasks prior to the deadlines;

  5. You shall be required to make necessary alterations either pertaining to pursuance of grammatical propriety, by eliminating solecisms, or to ensure consistency and coherence of content, which shall be administered in consultation and with the concurrence of the appertaining contributor;

  6. To remain seized and resolutely committed to advancing the objectives established and pursued by the organization



Qualifications/ Canons your candidature will be judged upon:

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Statement of Purpose

Writing Sample which can be published or unpublished.(Discretionary)

Applicants are requested to send in their application along with the required documents at with the subject of the mail "Application for Assistant Editor."


We hope this is a compelling appeal, and anticipate your participation in this noble, scholastic endeavour!

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